Barrhead boxer Gary Rae says he is counting down the seconds until he makes his return to the ring at next month’s ‘Fight Night’ at the Lagoon Centre in Paisley.

Out of action since a devastating Celtic title loss back on October 6 at the same venue, Rae has revealed he cannot wait to put the Scott Allan defeat, the only loss of his career, behind him with a scintillating comeback fight.

Work commitments coupled with moving into a new home saw Rae’s return to the ring continuously pushed back, but the 32-year-old has revealed he’s been hard at work in the gym since December in an attempt to recapture the form that saw him go 8-0 and get a shot at the Celtic Bantamweight title.

 “I really can’t wait to get back in the ring,” Rae told Barrhead Sport. “Five months is a long time in sport but I feel like it has flown by actually. I had so much going on at work and at home that it just seemed to pass by in a flash.” 

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Rae continued: “When I stopped and thought about it for a while, I realised I was missing boxing and the training that goes with it every day. I started training just before Christmas and I always knew I was going to get back in the ring - there was never a doubt in my mind that I’d box again. Life got in the way a wee bit but as soon as I got back in the gym I got the feeling back and have been counting down the days till I can get in there competitively again.”

Barrhead News: Rae hoping to get back to the big time with April winRae hoping to get back to the big time with April win

As well as having the chance to take his record to an impressive 9-1, the April 6 Lagoon Centre bout also sees Rae return to the scene of his only loss - with the Barrhead man eager to put the Allan result firmly behind him.

He added: “It’s quite poignant that I’m back at the place where I unfortunately suffered my first defeat but I’m sure that will be a good way to rid any demons.

“As hurtful as the Scott Allan loss was, it’s all in the past for me now. I’m dealing with it more now, much better than I was shortly after it happened. It’s just a defeat, it’s not the end of the world. 

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“There was a few errors on my part, I shouldn’t have gone down a weight. Losing seven or eight pounds the day before the weigh in is just too much. I look back at photos of myself and think about the state I was in. 

Barrhead News: Rae one of the main events in the April 6 'Fight Night'Rae one of the main events in the April 6 'Fight Night'

“I’m looking forward to getting back to super-bantamweight and back in the Lagoon to put on a really strong performance on April 6. 

“It’s time to move forward and put all my focus on the next part of my career so I have to thank Jim Price of Acre Industrial Services for sticking by me as a sponsor. I’m hoping for a couple of wins on the bounce now then take it from there.”