Parents fear “irresponsible” parking outside a Barrhead school will end in disaster unless dodgy drivers are dealt with.

Meetings have been held twice in the past week at St Mark’s Primary to try to combat the problem of parked cars blocking the view of other motorists.

Already this term there have been a number of “close calls” near the Roebank Drive school, leading to fears a child could be killed.

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Council officials are now in talks with parents and carers about a solution.
Barrhead grandmother Mary Lynch said: “The cars are on pavements, they are everywhere. The other morning a wee boy was nearly killed.

“There are buses trying to get up there but there are cars parked on either side. There’s just no adequate areas to park.

“The grounds at the old Arthurlie Nursery are lying empty. What we need is a car park or drop-off point set up there for cars.

“The school janitor and lollipop man are trying their best but you just know that it’s going to end in disaster.”

Representatives from the roads department accompanied Councillor Danny Devlin to the school to see the problem on the roads around St Mark’s.

Talks are now under way to examine the feasibility of repurposing derelict land at the site of the old Arthurlie Family Centre.

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Suggestions of a one-way drop-off system in a renovated car park have been mooted to reduce traffic at the school gates, with parents generally supportive of the idea.

This would mirror the new set-up at St Clare’s Primary, in Newton Mearns, which councillors say has reduced concerns.

Cllr Devlin said: “What I saw last week was horrendous. There’s not another school in the whole of East Renfrewshire like it.

“If you look at the way the one-way system at St Clare’s works, we need to be looking at a solution like that long-term.

“The most important thing right now is safety. Parents need to be able to drop off their kids knowing they will make it to school safely.

“There have been a few close calls over the years and it seems to be worse since the summer.

“It is only a matter of time before something more serious happens.”

A further meeting took place at the school yesterday, attended by parents and council officials.

The situation at St Mark’s has led to police giving guidance to parents picking up children from school, with officers stepping up patrols in the area.

A letter provided by school campus officer, PC Daniel McFarlane, said “inconsiderate parking” has created “a hazardous environment for children going to and from school.”

The letter adds: “Drivers are reminded parking restrictions are placed around the school with a view to ensuring a safe environment for children and to allow other road users freedom of movement. These restrictions should be complied with.

“Local police officers will be monitoring driver behaviour around schools over the coming weeks and will take the appropriate action.”