Arthurlie Football Club have released a statement saying they are "disappointed" after claims of offensive chanting and damage by away fans.

The West of Scotland League club hit out in a statement this afternoon (Monday, April 15) after their Scottish Junior Cup Semi-Final first-leg game against Johnstone Burgh.

The Barrhead side, who play at Dunterlie Park, claim that three pitchside advertising boards were vandalised in the aftermath of the away team's goals.

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They also claim that a section of the crowd took part in "offensive chanting" - which Arthurlie say has "no place in society, never mind a football ground".

Arthurlie says that no further action is "likely" possible but they have called on the alleged individuals involved to "reflect on their words and actions".

Their statement in full read: "Following yesterday's Scottish Junior Cup Semi-Final first leg, Arthurlie Football Club expresses its disappointment at the damage to the surroundings of Dunterlie Park and its disgust at the use of offensive chanting from a section of the away support.

"Fan groups bring colour and energy to football grounds and the club welcomes their inclusion in football, however, they need to take responsibility for their actions.

"On two separate occasions - in the immediate aftermath of Johnstone Burgh's two goals, three pitchside advertising boards were vandalised. This is unacceptable.

"What is more unacceptable is the vile offensive chanting from within the same section of the crowd. This has no place in society, never mind in a football ground.

"Whilst no further action is likely to be possible, the individuals responsible should perhaps reflect on their words and actions and should be educated on their consequences.

"The football club looks forward to next week's second leg and hopes it passes without incident."

Johnstone Burgh has confirmed that the two clubs are in discussion and a statement will be provided once all details have been outlined.