ARTHURLIE boss Andy McFadyen hopes the hard work that has been done off the pitch this summer can be replicated by his playing squad once the 2020/21 campaign kicks off.

With the coronavirus pandemic putting football in cold storage for several months this year, members of the Arthurlie committee have spent their free time wisely, with various upgrades carried out at the Barrhead club’s Dunterlie Park stadium.

Areas of the pitch have been relaid and raised, maintenance was carried out on parts of the terracing and there have been makeovers for some of the indoor areas, including the home dressing room.

McFadyen has paid tribute to the committee members for all their backing since he arrived at the club in April and said their efforts have helped to generate a positive atmosphere at Arthurlie.

He told Barrhead Sport: “I take my hat off to everyone in the committee because they’ve all worked really hard and the facilities are great.

“The dressing rooms have been given a facelift and the park is looking great.

“With the new coaching team and myself coming in and the new players too, everyone is upbeat. There’s a buzz about the place.

“We’re all singing off the same hymn sheet and we just can’t wait to get the go-ahead to actually start playing competitive football.”

The revamped dressing room has given McFadyen particular satisfaction and, although it is currently out of action due to social distancing guidelines, he is delighted his players will be able to take advantage of the new facilities before and after matches once the new season begins.

He added: “It’s been revamped and painted and there are fresh signs up.

“If you go into a nice changing room with a happy environment and it’s bright with the music blaring, then it’s all good. It’s a good place to be.

“If you come into a happy dressing room and a happy environment, then you’re going to take that on the park as well, so that’s what we’re trying to put forward this year.”

Meanwhile, Arthurlie have announced the signing of Kyle Pirie after the goalkeeper left East Renfrewshire rivals Neilston.

Commenting on the new arrival, a spokesperson for the Barrhead club said: “Kyle is a great shot-stopper, with a bright future ahead of him.”

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