ARTHURLIE manager Andy McFadyen is confident his players are back up to speed after they were able to return to full contact training last week.

Clubs across the country were ordered to stop their socially distant training at the start of the month after breaches from Scottish Premiership clubs but have since been able to come together for sessions with no social distancing required. 

Speaking to Barrhead Sport, McFadyen revealed that the pause to training did have an effect on his players but hopes that the tempo can be lifted once again as they return to their teammates. 

He said: “The boys are looking good and we’re getting up to match fitness – we’re just dying to play football and everybody is the same all over the country.  

“We were just back and doing our socially distanced stuff and then all of a sudden training is cancelled. 

“A week to two weeks is a lot for a player when they’re trying to get back to

“It’s okay saying they can train themselves but it’s not the same.

“You need to be in there with your mates and push each other on so it’s good to see them all again. 

“We didn’t have to go right back to the start [of pre-season], but you could see what the two weeks had done to some of the boys. 

“They train hard and they work hard so we just had to pick the pace up again and get them motivated again but they’re pretty self-motivated as it is.

“The two weeks off wasn’t too bad but I’d have preferred not to have it.

“The boys are training well and we’ve got good numbers, and it’s been good weather so the only thing more you can ask for is good results on a Saturday and hopefully that will come as well.”

The former Rutherglen Glencairn Under-21 boss added that everyone has to be at their best to ensure a starting spot.

He said: “The players know there’s a fight on their hands to get a place and the bench is so strong as well.”

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