NEILSTON co-boss Chris Cameron has hailed the return of full-contact training after being given the go ahead by the Scottish Government. 

Clubs across the country were told they could no longer socially distance train two weeks ago after high-profile Covid breaches from Aberdeen and Celtic.

The Government have since confirmed that full-contact was able to resume from Monday and Cameron has told Barrhead Sport that he is looking forward to getting back to ‘proper’ training. 

He said: “It’s very good news that we can return.

“We had been doing a few of the distanced sessions beforehand and we were a bit disappointed when we heard that they had to be postponed so it’s good to hear that we can get back. 

“It means we can take the shackles off a wee bit. 

“We had been trying to tailor sessions around what we could and couldn’t do whereas now we can just get back to your off the cuff, proper football training.” 

Cameron also revealed that he feels like clubs were starting to get complacent with the rules and hopes that the recent ban is enough to encourage teams to follow guidelines in the future as he fears any further delays may resultin the season not taking place.

He added: “It was disappointing and I know people were saying that it was probably guys in the Premiership that let us down but there’s been plenty of clubs at our level have done so as well by playing friendlies and things. 

“Everybody was pushing the boundaries that bit too far but it is what it is and we’re just happy to be back this week, and hopefully everyone sticks to the rules. 

“If it had been delayed any further I think there was a real danger that the season would have been canned. 

“If it does get pushed back much further I struggle to see how we can play a season.

“We’d be into the end of October and I just don’t think it would be viable to play a season.” 

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