Neilston boss Chris Cameron insists the indefinite suspension of all football matches across the country will have a significant impact not only on his side but the entire junior game.

With the SJFA, in line with the Scottish FA and the SPFL, confirming on Friday afternoon that all matches were to be suspended until further notice in a drastic attempt to limit the spread of Covid-19, Neilston’s season was thrown into doubt. 

And with a dozen matches remaining, and eight of them scheduled to be played at the Brig, Cameron is worried about the long-term financial consequences for the Farmer’s Boys.

He said: “We had 12 games left before this and the vast majority of those were at home so there could be a massive financial hit there. The committee have done well all season with not a lot of matches at the Brig, but this now throws up a lot more worries in that regard.

“This could have a massive impact on gate receipts for this club, and all clubs across the juniors.” 

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Cameron continued: “We set budgets at the beginning of the year based on how many home games will be played so there is a big concern there.

“The club have done well in making sure all the wages are fine at the moment, and hopefully our cup runs this season have helped with that side of things too, but for how long they will be able to sustain that is the question.

“All we can do right now is play it by ear. If it gets to a situation where we’re five, six or seven weeks down the line and we’re still not getting matches ahead, then we will all need to sit down with players, committee and management and see where we go from there. 

“Every club will be in the same boat, but hopefully it doesn’t escalate that much and get to that point.”

Initially hoping to continue training amid coronavirus fears, Cameron concedes his side will now need to follow suit with clubs across the leagues in isolating until told otherwise.

He added: “We were initially told we weren’t allowed to arrange friendlies or matches, but we now know we’re not allowed to train either.

“We actually tried to book some training facilities over the weekend while it was still allowed, but that proved difficult with a number of local leisure centres all set to close too.

“All junior clubs are now just following the SFA guidance in recommending we postpone all training as well as games now. That will unfortunately be the case until further notice.

“We will be in regular contact with all the lads over the phone and have asked them all to keep themselves ticking over and fit on their own, but until we’re told otherwise, we won’t be able to get together as a group.”

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