As a major championship medalist in both 1500m and triathlon, choosing which discipline to commit fully to was never going to be easy for Erin Wallace.

Winning 1500m gold for Scotland at the 2017 Youth Commonwealth Games before, in somewhat of a surprise move, veering into elite-level triathlon, the 19-year-old went on to win silver at the World Junior Triathlon Championships last year.

However, it seems the Newton Mearns athlete has made her decision. 

A year ago, Wallace joined Andy Young’s revered training group, which also includes Laura Muir and Kilbarchan ace Jemma Reekie, and the teenager is focusing all her attentions on athletics.

“I made the choice of specialising on track rather than triathlon really just based on what one I was enjoying more,” the 19-year-old said. “I felt like I wanted to give track a shot now and see how far I can go. I can go back to triathlon if things don’t work out on the track whereas I feel like trying to switch to the track when you’re older would be a lot more difficult. I’d always regret it if I didn’t give it my best shot.”

Wallace, who has just begun a degree at Glasgow University, has slotted in well in Young’s group.

The highly-respected coach has become something of a guru for 1500m running having developed both Muir and Reekie into world-class athletes.

“It’s really good being part of the group - it’s a lot different to what my training was like before but I’m definitely starting to see improvements.

“It’s fantastic training with everyone there and seeing Laura in training is great, she’s incredible to watch. It’s good to see the standard you have to hit to perform at the very top like she does.”

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