Barrhead boxer Gary Rae’s trainer Mark Breslin was overjoyed at seeing Rae’s best performance to date at the Hydro earlier this month.

The 29-year-old stopped his unbeaten opponent Zoltan Horvath on the undercard of Josh Taylor’s win against Winston Campos on March 3.

It moved the super bantamweight’s record to seven wins, with no defeats or draws.

And Breslin reckons his boxer will be holding some form of title within the next year.

He said: “Gary boxed the best he’s ever boxed, it all came together quite well, but what I think happened is his opponent was a good one, he was undefeated as well.

“And dare I say it, the better the opposition, the better quality of the opposition, the better Gary performs.

“He rose to the occasion, and knew he was up against a decent lad.

“Everything we had planned or worked for came together, it was one of those really good nights in the office.

“Whether it’s a masters title or a Celtic or Scottish title, within the next nine or 12 months Gary will be holding some title of some description.”

Rae was comfortable for most of the fight, but sustained a cut above his eye on the third round.

Breslin, who has coached Rae in the amateur ranks before the 29-year-old turned pro in 2016, said it was the first time he had ever been cut, and that the pair managed to deal with the situation well.

He added: “I’ve been in situations where I’ve boxed people and I’ve been behind on points and they get a cut and then they just go to pieces.

“My fear was Gary was going to go to pieces, but that was the strong thing about having a boy and taking him right through the amateurs as well as into the professionals ranks, knowing the boy and knowing what he’s like and trusting me that everything is OK.

“I’ve got to put a brave face on and make sure I don’t panic him and it was a bad cut, there was two parts to it, it was quite nasty.”

A big part of Rae’s improvement has been down changing his routine out of the ring, and working alongside Gayle Brannigan at Prolife Gym in Paisley has helped him come on leaps and bounds according to his trainer.

He said: “The work she has done with him is absolutely outstanding. His strength has certainly increased.

“But the thing for me is his weight management, he seems to be making the weight so easily now.

“He has improved as an athlete by about 30 per cent which is a huge increase, and I don’t just mean boxing, I mean holistically his power, his strength, his weight, his mood - everything has come together well.

“She’s done some fantastic work with him and I can only give credit to her.”