You can't enjoy a cuppa without a good biscuit and when it comes to biscuits, it's hard to go past Chocolate Digestives. 

The solid oaty biscuit coated in chocolate - what more could you ask for when it comes to a biscuit? 

Plus, it doesn't fall apart in your brew when dunking like the "one dips" - Rich Tea biscuits in Peter Kay's famous Dipping your Biscuits sketch. 

In the sketch, Kay refers to Hob Nobs as the marines of biscuit dipping as they can go again and again and again without falling apart. 

Digestives are the same, you can dip them as many times as you want and your biscuit will stay intact.

McVities is the original creator of the Digestive, but with so many variations available in supermarkets across the UK, it can be hard to know which one to choose.

Supermarkets including Aldi, Sainsbury's and Asda now all have their own versions of the Digestive, some just as tasty, if not better than the original.

You could find yourself saving some money as well with the supermarket brands being cheaper.

So I decided to compare McVities Digestives to some of the supermarket brands to see how they stacked up. 

The results were quite interesting and it wasn't McVities that came out on top.

Do McVities do the best Digestives or are the supermarket brands better?

I compared McVities Digestives to the equivalent versions from Aldi, Asda and Sainsbury's, and here's what I found:

McVities Digestives

Price: £1.50 (from Sainsbury's)

Rating: 4/5 (milk chocolate) - 4.25/5 (white chocolate)

You can't go wrong with a McVities Digestive - it will always be the original. 

I even tried the new white chocolate digestive - I'm not usually a massive fan of white chocolate as I find it can be too sweet sometimes.

But the white chocolate McVities Digestive (£2.10) was lovely - perfect balance of smooth white chocolate and biscuit.

It made a nice change from the usual milk chocolate version.

Asda - Oatie Crumbles

Barrhead News: Oatie Crumbles from Asda are, in my opinion, the best digestive biscuit.Oatie Crumbles from Asda are, in my opinion, the best digestive biscuit. (Image: Patrick Glover)

Price: 85p

Rating: 4.5/5

Looking at the packet on the shelf, it may not look like much, but never judge a book by its cover. 

The Oatie Crumble from Asda, in my opinion, is the best out of the lot. 

The biscuit is oatier than the others, while still retaining a nice coating of milk chocolate. 

And at 85p it is one of the cheaper options. 

If you are looking for a digestive, this is the one.

Chocolate Digestives by Sainsbury's

Price: 95p

Rating: 2/5

Sainsbury's were the only version of the digestive that I tried that didn't stack up to the McVities original. 

It was a little too solid and didn't have as much flavour as the others.

While it was still a digestive I would look at other options before I went back to the Sainsbury's version.

Aldi - Belmont Digestives

Price: 75p

Rating: 3.5

Barrhead News: Belmont Digestives from Aldi as just as good as McVities.Belmont Digestives from Aldi as just as good as McVities. (Image: Patrick Glover)

Aldi's version of the digestive is not miles off McVities and is much cheaper.

In a blind taste test, you would find it hard tasting the difference. 

So if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to McVities, Aldi's Belmont Digestive is one to look at as it is the cheapest on the market.

Tesco (85p), Morrisons (85p), Co-op (£1.15) and Marks and Spencer (£1.15) are among other supermarkets to also have their own versions of chocolate digestives.

Final verdict on which digestive is the best

Having tried four different milk chocolate digestives, and treated myself to a packet of the white chocolate ones too, I have reached a conclusion. 

Barrhead News: What is your favourite brand of chocolate digestive?What is your favourite brand of chocolate digestive? (Image: Patrick Glover)

While the McVities are the original digestives and will always be a go-to for Brits, most of the supermarket versions are just as good, if not better.

With the cost-of-living crisis here to stay, for the time being, saving every penny can be important. 

So the Asda Oatie Crumbles are my pick for flavour and price, with Aldi's Belmont Digestives a close second.

Be sure to pick yourself up a packet next time you pass an Asda or an Aldi. 

As for me, I'm off to eat the rest of the five packets of Digestives sitting in my kitchen cupboard.