HUMANS have done some wonderful things throughout history.

Not recent history, obviously.

In fact, everything from 2016 onwards has been a bit of a greasy horror show.

But with all the good things humans have done, why is it we as a species are also quite ridiculous?

For example, no matter how many parodies there have been on comedy shows, complaints on Twitter, people doing entire stand-up routines about it, there are STILL people who listen to music on their phones without putting headphones on.

Why?!? Even worse are the people who watch videos on their phone to show to their friends, subjecting everyone else round about them to the same footage, whether they want to experience it or not.

You might hear them say ‘Oh, it’s just for a wee second, or ‘nobody will mind.’

Well, here’s a newsflash for these people – we DO mind!

Don’t you realise that, when other people are in a confined space with you, they don’t have anywhere else to go?

I don’t want to hear you tell your pals ‘here, look at this!’

On top of that, it doesn’t matter how long the video clip lasts for. Whether it is a few seconds or seven hours, you are still causing a genuine disruption for those people who have had a long, hard day and just want to read their book or watch the world go by in peace.

If the Lord had intended for us to listen to music directly from our phones, he wouldn’t have invented headphones.

I would point out to those who need to know that headphones are a wonderful invention and can be purchased for as little as one quid from the nearest pound shop.

Just because you have paid for a ticket doesn’t mean you can treat a train or bus like your living room.