Let me ask you a question – how are you doing?

I don’t mean that in a creepy ‘Joey from Friends’ way, I just want to know how you’re feeling.

What makes you happy? What makes you sad? What mistakes do you reflect on?

Also, how do you deal with things such as turning on the news on television and seeing something that upsets you?

This is normally the point where I’d put forward some story about positivity and the importance of staying strong but, on this occasion, I’m afraid I have nothing. Absolutely nothing.

That’s why I’m asking for your help.

I want to know how YOU make it through those days when life seems that bit more troubling.

I could also reflect on last week, when it was the one-year anniversary of ‘leaving’ my old show, the Big Drive Home.

I say ‘leaving’ but I should make it very clear that it was not my idea to leave that show.

I did the Big Drive Home for just over two years and put my heart, my soul, my passion, my everything into it.

In fact, I made a joke at the start of the second anniversary special of the show by saying that, if I was still doing it in three months’ time, someone had better shoot me.

Based on that, I’d like to offer a new joke – if I’m back here in the Barrhead News with another column next week, someone give me ten million quid, a 1982 black T-top Trans Am and Jennifer Lawrence’s undying love.

So, how do we cope with the things in life that hurt us?

I wrote a while ago that karma will take care of things, so you just need to ‘keep on keeping on.’

Maybe that’s true but I do wish it’d hurry up!

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