IN last week’s article I brought you a lovely piece about what to do when you want to forgive; about reaching out and holding the hand of an old friend and making it okay. This week, let’s try the other direction: what can you do when you really hate somebody?

In this industry there are a lot of egos and 99.9 per cent of the time they are completely unjustified. Let’s be honest about it – this isn’t a difficult job. But I’ve worked with some clowns who believe they are the be-all-and-end-all of broadcasting.

Humble brag coming up: I got into this industry as a complete fluke – a last-chance, get-out-of-jail-free card. I’m just thankful for any progress I make in it. But even I have moments where I’m pernickety about the littlest things. But I have never let my ego get out of control in the way some do. And I’m sure it’s the same wherever you work – people letting their ego rule the roost while you just want to do your thing quietly.

So what can you do about these rejects from the farkleberry tree? Some say, “Rise above, move on”. You know what I say? Forget that! Sometimes people put you in such a bad mood that you feel like defenestrating them from the top of the Empire state building. Sadly, laws prevent that.

But here’s what I do: I remember everything. And I do mean EVERYTHING. Because here’s what people don’t realise while they’re using you: their time will come. They may be on the upswing, but karma works particularly well on the down-swing.

And it will happen. Because people with egos usually let it get the better of them. They get reckless. They’re rude to the wrong person at the wrong time and the pedestal they put themselves on comes tumbling down.

It will happen because that is the nature of the world. It’s happened before and it’ll happen again. 

Just bide your time, watch your surroundings and don’t do anything to get yourself into trouble.