Let me ask you something. What is your biggest regret?

Think about it. It could be anything – from the love you lost to the friend you had that fight with.

Okay, now you’re thinking about it...but are you being totally honest.
What happened?

No, I mean, what REALLY happened?

I find that, even if it was my fault, I’ll try to reimagine it so that it ends up being someone else’s fault.

Here’s what I’m getting at...if you’re not happy with the way something ended, just fix it.

Every day is another chance to sort things. Reach out, say hello and see what happens.

I had a friend. We’ll call her L and, to cut a long story short, things went wrong between L and I.

I won’t get bogged down in the details because it’s all in the past but the important thing is that I was hurt by L.

I missed her a lot but, many years later, she did exactly what I’d thought of doing so many times but never had – she reached out.

When I saw her name on my email list, I kind of froze. I didn’t know how to handle seeing her name again. My brain went kind of fuzzy, as if it was in shock.

My second thought was “uh oh, what’s happening?”

The thing is, I’m naturally quite a paranoid soul. When I get a phone call, I instantly assume its bad news.

And when I saw this email from L, I assumed the worst.

But it turned out to be a lovely email, so I replied.

I’ll be honest – it wasn’t easy at first. When you reconnect with someone who meant a lot to you, part of you longs for it to be the way it was before and part of you wants to rediscover this person in his or her own time.

There were a few rules to put in place but we’ve reconnected and I believe we’ve built a strong base to go forward from.

And that’s my point here, folks – if you want to say something to someone, just say it.

Don’t put it off until tomorrow...as the day might come when it’s too late to reach out.

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