I’ve finally done something incredible – I’ve been on stage and performed at a sold-out SSE Hydro. Kind of...

Allow me to explain. I was helping out as a volunteer at the 2018 European Championships in Glasgow over the last few weeks.

My job at the games was to help with the media team. Basically, my schedule consisted of sitting on a comfy chair, sipping water or, occasionally, a coffee.

I’d have a solid two-hour session of this, just sitting there and watching Europe’s best gymnasts work on routines they have been practicing for years of their lives.

Fast forward to the last event on the last day of the gymnastics and I was chatting with a girl named Valentina who came all the way over from Italy to help out as a volunteer.

We were in the press zone, waiting for the last athletes to arrive for their interviews, when I said to Valentina: “After this is all done, let’s go on stage.”

Well, on this occasion, our interview subjects came and went and that was it, we were done – and, behind us, was the stage.

As the music went off and the house lights went up, we took our chance.

Honestly, although the building was virtually empty, it felt really great to stand on that Hydro stage.

We had the whole thing to ourselves and, after jumping up onto the medal platforms and doing some ‘jazz hands’ routines, we shuffled back off, content in the knowledge we had broken any number of rules.

It might sound like a bit of a stretch but I reckon those jazz hands routines on the podium qualify as a performance.

And, as all of the tickets for the gymnastics that day had been snapped up, I reckon I can claim to have performed on stage at a sold-out SSE Hydro.

Time to add another zero to my net worth as a performer. It’s just a pity that my current total is £0.00...