UNLESS you’ve been living on the Moon for the past few weeks, you will have noticed the 2018 European Championships were taking place in Glasgow.

I was covering the gymnastics at the SSE Hydro for the event’s media team – and it was certainly an interesting experience.

My job more or less consisted of sitting in a fairly comfy chair, watching gymnastics all day, maybe having a light snack and drinking a lot of water.

The most challenging part of the role involved leaving the press area and hauling myself all of 20 feet to interview the gymnasts who had just performed – whether it was a qualification event or an actual final, with medals up for grabs.

Then it was off to a lovely open-plan office, with tea, coffee and biscuits waiting for me, to write a report based on what I had just asked the athletes.

These were in the form of ‘flash quotes,’ which were then sent to the media all across Europe and, indeed, the world.

I had a good time meeting the various athletes and getting the chance to interview them.

I regularly interview people from all walks of life for my show on Pulse, so I was pretty well-suited for the task at hand.

And I must say that it was astonishingly cool to be able to walk around parts of the Hydro that people normally never see.

I’ve been to the Hydro a bunch of times. I’ve even found myself in backstage areas once or twice.

However, having almost unlimited access to this impressive venue was incredible.

It was also mildly disorienting because, once you go in there, there’s no natural light.

Each event lasts around two hours – after which you emerge blinking into the sun, wondering what just happened to that wee segment of your life...