I’m starting this week’s column with a confession.

I love horror movies. I really, really do.

I saw them as a little kid. Like, a really little kid. I won’t tell you how old I was when I started being exposed to them but it was way before the recommended viewing age on the side of the VHS cassette.

I always liked the masked killers. Jason Voorhees was one of my favourites. Another was Michael Myers.

It is, therefore, with some delight that I learned Michael is making a comeback.

Last week, the trailer for the new Halloween film dropped – and it looks amazing.

I am so on board with this movie.

Over the years, the original Halloween story has been rebooted, reimagined and had a billion bad things done to it but this new version is bound to work, as John Carpenter is at the helm.

Yes, the man who created Michael is bringing him back one last time.

There’s something exciting about when an original creator returns to their property.

I’m not talking about George Lucas (we’re managing just fine without him) but the likes of James Cameron returning to Terminator somehow feels right.

And along with the return of Michael, my pal ‘JoCar’ is bringing back the original queen of horror. Forget your Elviras and your other female horror leads, Jamie Lee Curtis is the true queen and always shall be.

It’s hard to state how important the original Halloween movie was to me.

It scared the life out of me then and is one of the few movies that still can.

The cinematography, the performances, even down to that piano theme...scares me senseless.

So Michael, welcome home. I have one request, however...
Please don’t kill off my beloved Jamie Lee.