One of the best parts of this job (and I promise I’m not bragging) is that I get to meet hugely interesting people.

I’m talking about people who have done something cool, influenced history or changed the world in some way.

And I met two such men last week.

The names Steve Murphy and Javier Peña may not be instantly recognisable but many of you will know about their achievements.

They are the two Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents responsible for hunting down notorious drugs baron Pablo Escobar.

Their story led to the Netflix show Narcos – and I had the genuine thrill of meeting them.

I don’t want to spoil their show but what I will say is that it is just incredible.

If you’re unaware of Pablo Escobar, let me give you some facts.

At the height of his power, he was said to be the seventh richest person in the world. Not in Colombia, not on the South American the world.

Isn’t that nuts?

Escobar’s feared Medellin drugs cartel were thought to be behind up to

80 per cent of all the cocaine shipped to the United States.

And here’s an additional fact...he spent close to $3,000 A MONTH on rubber bands to bundle his money!

If Escobar wanted to play football, he didn’t call up his mates, he called the Colombian national team.

One of the things Steve and Javier pointed out was that the national team than faced a choice: Should they use their skills or go for the safer option by just letting Escobar win.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not idolising Escobar – the man was a lunatic and pure evil.

According to Steve and Javier, it’s estimated that he had around 50,000 people killed, among them more than 2,800 police officers.

In an additional act of sadism, he paid a bounty of $100 per officer killed – just because he could.

Escobar’s cartel not only trafficked drugs, it terrorised Colombia in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Tactics of bribery, kidnapping and murder were used to deal with all those who stood in its way.

And yet, in some areas of Colombia, Escobar was seen as something of a celebrity, with T-shirts and wristwatches emblazoned with his face, as well as books and DVDs telling his story being sold to adoring ‘fans.’

Even after he was captured, Escobar was still able to wield a ludicrous amount of power.

For example, he built his own prison in which to serve his time – a prison that included a casino, a nightclub and a jacuzzi.

I’ve never even SEEN a jacuzzi.

Escobar was an utter horror show, make no mistake about that.

I’m glad he got his comeuppance.

I’m even happier that Steve and Javier lived to tell their fantastic tale.

This isn’t a paid advertisement for their show, by the way – I just found it absolutely fascinating to meet these guys.

They are such an inspiration that they deserve to be brought to your attention.

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