I had hoped to get off crime and punishment for a bit, but every week it just keeps coming. More nonsensical ideas on punishment, a total waste of taxpayer"s money being spent on stupid ideas. More ideas from the 'do gooders' to keep the Neds out of jail.

The European "do gooders" are now telling us that we must raise the age of criminal responsibility from 8 to 12 years. A Sheriff at the court of appeal in Edinburgh rules that it is alright to shout and swear at the police in Glasgow, no Breach of the Peace conviction because the police would have heard the language before.

�2 million pounds of taxpayer"s cash is to be used to provide a radio station for a specialist listening audience, prisoners.

Surprise Surprise, the Neds know how to use and abuse the community sentences system, turn up drunk or under the influence of drugs and get sent home with eight hours docked off your tally. Easy if you know how, and that gives you more time to don your Burberry cap, get a hold of the Senga with the Nefertiti chain and jump into the Vauxhall Astra for a run to Duck Bay marina on Sundays.

Well that sure is one way to solve the alleged prison overcrowding, just don"t lock anyone up. "Do gooders" mean well, but they are an obstacle in the path of people who wish the Neds to be dealt with properly. Is it not time that the silent majority became more vocal about these issues.