The Scottish government have announced plans to fix a minimum price for alcohol by the end of the year. Health secretary Nicola Sturgeon unveiled a major crackdown on Scotland's heavy "binge drinking" culture.

Yes we all probably drink too much, however we are not all binge drinkers so why during the current economic climate should we have to pay more cash for our alcohol.

It seems to me that the Scottish Governement has got its prioities wrong here.

Yes there has been a lot of alcohol-related harm over the last 30 years, and it should be high on the agenda.

However talk to real people and you will soon learn that the number one priority is not an 18 year old entering an off sales and buying drink.

It is the underage neds who go on the cause anti social behaviour after consuming a nicely chilled bottle of the "Monks" brew.

That is where the public want the Scottish Government to focus, don"t deprive an 18 year old the facility to drink alcohol��.. deprive the Neds and Sengas the ability to abuse alcohol at 13 and 14 years.

Once you has made in roads to prevent this, then start to look at the other priorities like long term liver disese etc.

Implementation of these proposed measures would do absolutely nothing to curb the alcohol fuelled anti social behaviour that we see on our streets.

Come on Scottish Government, listen to the public on this one.