Ofsted produced a report this week regarding how effective a return traditional rules at school had been in schools in England. Such as banning children with shaven heads and those wearing designer trainers or gang colours have proved effective in maintaining order at the best comprehensives.

Formal assemblies, regular patrols of corridors, frequent school trips, strong values and appointing good teachers are also successful methods of raising standards, the study says.

The report examined how state schools in the most deprived areas improved standards, describing how one head teacher tackled troublemakers.

Parents of all children barred from school were also ordered to meetings - often at anti-social hours such as 6am or 11pm - to be given a dressing-down.

They could have saved themselves a fortune in researching this, we could have told them that is the only effective method of installing discipline and a sense of value into our children. Many parents these days have no parenting skills and as a consequence the children receive no guidance at home.

Kids need guidance and indeed look for it, they need to be taught respect. Stop with new fangled schemes and stick to the tried and tested values.