Is has been reported this week that re offending is on the increase, our murder rate is on the increase and the age of drug dealers is getting younger.

Are the parents taking proper responsibility for their own children, no one is born bad.

It has been widely reported this week that a 15 year old girl in England gave birth to a 12 year old boys child, conceived when she was 14 years.

After journalistic digging it appears that she may have had three boyfriends and now all three want a DNA test to identify the father.

What concerns me is that every one is focusing on how young the alleged father is.

What about the so called parents of the girl, should they not be in the jail. It is illegal to have sex under 16 years of age, and it has been widely reported that the parents permitted the children to share a bedroom together overnight.

Now we have a media guru engaged by the families in order to maximise their revenue from the tabloids.

The police and social services are of the opinion that there is nothing for them to do, except monitor the position and provide support for the children.

It would appear to me that these parents require some tuition with regards to parenting skills, as do it appears many others. If parents took some more responsibility then they would know where their children were at night. They would know if they came in drunk and would be in a position to deal with it accordingly.

Youths are carrying knifes, drinking to excess and committing repeat offences, what are the parents doing?