Figures released this week show that one in seven Scottish off-licences is prepared to sell alcohol to children, the first-ever nationwide police sting operation has revealed.

Youngsters working undercover with police were able to buy drink at more than 200 of the licensed premises they visited.

At the same time we learn that the distributor of the 'Monks Brew' makes �55,000 per day from sales in Scotland alone and almost �3 million a year profit.

A spokesman for the distributors was quoted as saying "Most of the reputation surrounding Buckfast is untrue. It isn't mostly drunk by youngsters" I bet when the spokesman made that quote his nose grew to almost three foot long.

There is a cycle here, Alcohol - Neds - Off Sales - Disorder - Graffiti - Vandalism - Fear of Crime - Anti Social Behaviour - Alcohol How do we break the cycle - Why not start by tackling the Alcohol via the Off Sales and remove the availability of the 'Headbanger Juice' to the Bams.

It costs the Council a lot of money to clean up graffiti, provide services to deal with vandalism and anti social behaviour problems.

It costs us the public money to repair damaged cars, houses and other property etc.

It costs the NHS a lot of money to deal with alcohol abuse in adults, who started when they were teenagers not to mention the number of assault victims at the hands of Buckied up Neds and Bams. It probably costs us around �55,000 per day to deal with the consequences of the "Fast Buck Brew"