Anti Social Behaviour and underage drinking appear to go hand in hand. Why are parents not forced to take responsibility for their children"s anti social actions?

Would it not be helpful if the children"s panel or the courts had the power to place sanctions on the children"s parents, forcing them to ensure that their children behaved in future and did not repeat offend.

Under-age alcohol abusers should be their family's problem, not ours. Why should we the community have to try to control what is a family problem.

No parent should need to be told about their son or daughter's alcohol abuse as it will confront them every night they step foot in the house under the influence of Buckfast, Vodka and Strong Lager. They require to be forced to take more responsibility for their offspring and exercise more control. What right minded parent permits their teenage son or daughter to remain out on the street until the early hours of the morning? What happened to "your grounded" or "no computer games for a week" is it just laziness with regards to certain parents.

When the police get hold of them they should not take them home, drive them to Govan nick and detain them. Then send for the parents, and interrupt their Friday or Saturday night curry and wine evening. Force them to leave the warm house and get a taxi to Govan to uplift their own offspring. Disrupt the parents, I am sure then that this would focus their minds on their children"s extra curriculum activities.