As reported in last weeks Barrhead News a member of staff from an off-licence on Cross Arthurlie Street was found not guilty - despite being charged with breaching two sections of the Licensing Act for Scotland.

An agent - under the age of 18 - acting on behalf of Barrhead police and East Renfrewshire Council was allegedly sold alcohol without being asked for proof of age.

But the staff member was not convicted of breaching section 67 and 68 last September because the court decided that the assistant had exercised "due diligence and care".

At Paisley District Court the defence agent acting on behalf of the company convinced the Justice of the Peace hearing the case that the assistant had not broken the law.

He said that the shop assistant believed the customer to be of the legal age to buy alcohol.

What a nonsense judgement, most reputable outlets ask for proof of age for anyone lucky enough to look under 21 years.

Secondly yet again we have the courts not supporting the police and the public, probably because some fancy lawyer spoke volumes to the JP. Mr Loophole lawyer has got the assistant and the company off. Those of us that live in the real world know this.

The law is clear, it does not matter how old they look. You cannot sell to anyone less than 18 years.

What is wrong with these people, what world do they live in. The punter sold drink to someone under 18, end of story.

Yet another indicator, as if we needed any more that those of us who live in the real world require to be more vocal about these type of issues.