Recently Kenny McAskill, Jack McConnell, Cathy Jamieson and many others have come out and publicly stated what we all know - Buckfast abuse is a major problem linked inextricably with anti social behaviour.

Buckfast is the drink of choice for drinkers who are prone to committing anti-social behaviour when drunk, especially underage drinkers. Its high strength (15% ABV), relatively low price and sweetness are characteristics that traditionally appeal to underage drinkers (similar to other 'problem drinks' Alco pops and Cider).

If drunk responsibly there is no problem, however we have a swath of Neds who drink this irresponsibly and most of whom are under the legal age for purchasing it.

As a consequence a large percentage of the population are adversely affected due to anti social behaviour, which is linked to ‘Buckie abuse’.

We have got to take a stand at some point and stop this happening, remove the ability of a section of our society to access and abuse this product.

Therefore sending out a strong message, loud and clear that we are pro active in looking after the vast majority of law abiding residents who suffer at the hands of these users of the ‘Monks Brew’.

Shop keepers in East Renfrewshire could choose to voluntarily stop selling this product, they cannot be forced to stock it. They could join forces with the good people and take a stand.

This on its own would not solve the problem, but it would be one more strand that when added to the others would greatly assist.

I refuse to accept that together using our combined intelligence we cannot make a stand against - what are in effect children.

Together we must and can make a stand, and we also must be positive in our resolve.