Last week we were told that Life in prison can mean no more than approximately 7 years. This week our Justice Secretary says he will tell judges to stop handing out short sentences. Then the Sentencing Guidelines Council come out and say Knife-carrying thugs under 18 would avoid jail, as they recommend only referral orders.

Now we have the Scottish Government wanting to set sentencing guidelines for Judges and Sheriffs, but they will now allow the Judges or Sheriffs to be involved on the panels that will set the guidelines.

I don’t blame them, the Sheriffs might want to impose a jail sentence for someone committing a crime, and heaven forbid that should happen.

What kind of deterrent is being set these days, the Justice Secretary says that judges will be banned from imposing prison sentences of less than six months, unless there is "no other option" available. He claims the move is in a bid to ease prison overcrowding.

So the Neds get to stay on the street and walk about showing two fingers to the police and to the victims of crime. The serious assault merchant and the knife carrier can still go to the pub with their mates, probably whilst the victim is still in hospital recovering.

What is wrong with these people, it would appear to be all about the criminal and not the victims. Am I the only one that sees that the Emperor is wearing no clothes?