|Last week teenagers said police stop and searches, ID cards and the use of high-pitched mosquito devices are among their biggest worries. These views were expressed by pupils at a school in Pollok during a debate where Professor Alan Miller, the chairman of the new Scottish Human Rights Commission was present. One of the teenagers said "Young people shouldn't be labelled with names like neds'."


Whilst I welcome debate amongst teenagers regarding this type of subject I have concerns with regards as to why a Professor who is being paid £75,000 a year by the Scottish Government is attending a teenagers debate as one of his first ports of call, having been tasked with looking at Scotland’s Human Rights Legislation.


I know many good teenagers and no one would call them Neds, however there are lots of teenagers who are Neds and they must be described as such.


Whilst the UK Government is talking about the Human Rights Act being a 'villain’s charter' the Scottish Government is commencing a national consultation into its programme of work for the coming years, and the chairman starts by - talking to children.


As highlighted by the Barrhead News this week we have lots of Neds, and they go on line, however they do not have many brain cells between them. They post there faces, names and choice of weapons on the internet for all (including the police) to see. When is someone going to consider our human rights?