What a week for revelations this has been first we were informed that prisoners doing life sentences can be out in as little as seven years and most do less than 12 years. Then we learned that if you were locked up in HMP Saughton, you would be given card tables and poker chips despite a ban on gambling behind bars. If you are out for the night in Devon & Cornwell the Old Bill will be waiting for you leaving the club drunk, and girls will be issued with flip flops to prevent them falling over in their high heals, this at a cost of £20,000. In the Midlands the Old Bill have come up with a better idea, issue the drunks when they leave the clubs with bubble blowing plastic guns, however they have refused to say how much that idea has cost them. Could you imagine two of Strathclyde’s finest stopping a group of rowdy youths on Main Street, Barrhead in the early hours of the morning after a night out and giving them plastic bubble making guns and flip flops. Who comes up with these ideas? Do you ever get the impression that the lunatics are running the asylum? I am all for innovative ideas to tackle crime, but come on toy guns and flip flops. What happened to the punishment should fit the crime, life should mean life – not seven years.