This week the charity Barnardo’s has paid thousands of pounds for TV Adverts, asking us not to say bad things about children. They also launched a report which said children who engaged in illegal and antisocial behaviour, and who become involved in criminal activity come from the most deprived families, have the poorest educational experiences and are more likely to suffer from poor health.

What a load of absolute nonsense, the report author should come to our area, we have exceptional educational facilities and live in a relatively affluent region, but we still have lots of anti social behaviour and criminality caused by children (teenagers).

Why do people in these positions always appear so out of touch with the real world, we have lots of good teenagers but we also have a high percentage of bad one’s. Even the teenagers are frightened to pass the group of Buckfast drinking teens, for fear of assault or verbal abuse.

Why is it that the ‘Goody Brigade’ always wants to favour the bad guys. We should rightly praise and highlight that not all teenagers are bad, however we should also highlight, identify and alienate the behaviour of Neds, Chavs, or whatever word comes to mind.

They take no cognisance of our feelings as decent law abiding citizens, we have every right to identify them as they are, without resorting to the ‘Goody Mentality’ of describing them as ‘Misunderstood’ They are neds and require to be dealt with accordingly.

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