EDINBURGH has been named the most sustainable holiday destination in Europe, placing the Scottish city above other renowned locations like Barcelona and Paris.

The ranking was based on a number of metrics, including climate impact, hotels with EV charging and the number of green spaces.

Edinburgh was the only spot in the UK, and one of two places in the British Isles to be named on the list.

Why was Edinburgh named the most sustainable holiday destination in Europe?

Barrhead News: Edinburgh was praised for its green spaces and low pollutionEdinburgh was praised for its green spaces and low pollution (Image: Getty)

Discussing Edinburgh and its placement on the list of Europe's most sustainable holiday destinations, DiscoverCars.com said: "In the top spot, we have Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, which ranks with a total of 89 points out of a total possible score of 100.

"This is a beautiful and historic city. Stroll through the streets and take in castles, palaces, and cathedrals. In Holyrood Park, you can climb up Arthur's Seat, what's left of an extinct volcano, to look down across the city.

"For extra sustainability points, why not take the train to Edinburgh rather than fly? Taking the sleeper train is a popular luxurious option - you can even book a double bed, with breakfast included!"

Summarising the methodology, the researchers added that they looked at the three biggest cities in each European country before assessing them on several metrics.

Edinburgh scored well with 37% of restaurants in the city offering vegan food and 42 nature spots being located nearby.

The city also had a low pollution level and a climate impact of around 288 kg of CO2 for an average round trip.

Barrhead News: Edinburgh was the only destination in the UK named on the listEdinburgh was the only destination in the UK named on the list (Image: Getty)

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Here are the most sustainable holiday destinations in Europe to visit this spring and summer.

  1. Edinburgh, Scotland
  2. Zurich, Switzerland
  3. Paris, France
  4. Barcelona, Spain
  5. Rotterdam, Netherlands
  6. Hamburg, Germany
  7. Ghent, Belgium
  8. Copenhagen, Denmark
  9. Turin, Italy
  10. Limerick, Ireland
  11. Salzburg, Austria
  12. Vaduz, Liechtenstein
  13. Budapest, Hungary
  14. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
  15. Gothenburg, Sweden
  16. Helsinki, Finland
  17. Pamu, Estonia
  18. Monte Carlo, Monaco
  19. Porto, Portugal
  20. Oslo, Norway

Limerick, Ireland was the only other city in the British Isles to be named on the list, coming in at number 10.