Robert Rinder has told fans that he was rushed to the hospital on Monday morning, February 13, just hours after presenting Good Morning Britain (GMB).

The star of Judge Rinder shared the news after posting a picture from his ward as he lay in a hospital bed wearing a surgical gown. 

Rinder shared that after leaving the GMB studios, he suffered a nasty injury.

He wrote: "Started the day holding politicians to account on ⁦GMB⁩ and interviewing Lulu & Richie Sambora.

"Finished it having a prolapsed disc in my back repaired and healed.

"‘Life can change in a moment.. Hold on to joy wherever you find it (thanks brilliant medical team)."

Also known as a slipped disc, a prolapsed disc can cause severe pain and is caused after a soft tissue between bones gets pushed out of place, pressing on the nerves. 

Fans were quick to show their sympathy and support for the telly judge, as one user wrote: "Wish you a speedy recovery."

Whilst another said: "OMG a prolapsed disc is so painful, I'm very glad you've got it repaired and are on the mend."