Strictly Come Dancing judge Anton Du Beke has revealed that he was once stabbed in the leg by his father.

Anton has become one of the most well-known and beloved faces on the BBC in recent years, after solidifying his reputation for ballroom dancing and quick wit on Strictly Come Dancing.

However, in an emotional interview with Kate Garraway on ITV's Life Stories that will air tonight, it became clear Anton's life beyond the screen and stage hasn't always been as easy or as glamourous as many might have thought.

The 57-year-old said his father stabbed him in the leg and stomach during a Boxing Day altercation at the family home in Kent.

Du Beke explained he spent three days in hospital as a result of the attack.

He said his father Antal had "taken a turn" against Du Beke as alcoholism slowly took hold of him.

Recalling the incident, Du Beke said: "I got stabbed in the leg and in the stomach because of a fight on Boxing Day and it was an idiotic situation.

"I remember walking out of the house to walk up to the hospital holding my leg and a police car drove past and I waved them down and I said 'he's in there with a knife'.

"Anyway, they carted him off and I ended up in hospital for three or four days. My only concern was getting back into the studio and dancing and the embarrassment of it."

Anton Du Beke's family life:

Du Beke lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife Hannah Summers and their two children.

He met Hannah in his 40s, a successful businesswoman who works as the chief marketing officer at leading mobile network security company AdaptiveMobile - a company that is responsible for half of the texts sent across the globe.

In 2017 the couple married and in the same year Hannah gave birth to twins.

The couple had actually been trying for kids for years and in 2016 resorted to IVF in a final desperate attempt, but the treatment couldn't have been more successful with Hannah falling pregnant after just three months.

Twins George and Henrietta were born on March 30, 2017, when Anton was 50, with the siblings celebrating their sixth birthday earlier this year.

Kate Garraway's Life Stories with Anton Du Beke | Tonight at 9pm on ITV1