BBC Breakfast host, Naga Munchetty reached out to fans on Twitter to beg for help over an incident taking place at her home. 

The presenter and journalist, who regularly presents the popular morning show, asked fans: "Does anyone know how to get a bat to safety?"

Fans were quick to respond, telling Munchetty to contact the RSPCA and linking her to rescue directories.

One user said: "Get in touch with the Bat Conservation Trust and they will be able to put you in touch with someone local who can help take care of it."

While another added: "Contact RSPCA @RSPCA_official absolute experts in it."

The bat was brought into her home after her cat found the sky-fairing mammal and brought it into the house.

Munchetty said: "The cat brought it in yesterday.

"It's alive this morning, no obvious injuries, but not flying.

"Currently in a box with towels and a little water.

"Any rescue centres I can take it to in Herts? X"

She later confirmed that the issue "is being sorted with a local rescue group - thank you for suggestions x."