Jason Manford has been praised for his interaction with an actress resigned to tears after only one person showed up to her show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

She took to Twitter to share a teary-eyed photo of herself as she explained what happened.

"There was one person in my audience today when I performed my one-woman play, Sunsets at #edfringe. It’s fine, isn’t it? It’s fine…?" Georgie Grier told her followers about her show, Sunsets.

Comedians Jason Manford and Dara O'Briain immediately rushed to the comment section to share sweet messages of support.

In a video shared with the actress, Salford-born Jason shared his own experiences as he told her that "tomorrow will be better."

"Hi Georgie, it's Jason Manford here. I don't know you, you don't know me but your little message popped up on my Twitter so I thought I'd drop you a message," he said.

"You know what, it's absolutely normal A, for one person to rock up to your show at Edinburgh and also for you to be annoyed or p***ed off about it, that's totally fine as well.

"I did Edinburgh in 2004/5 and I remember the first couple of shows, the first week I think, was just such a slog. I was out in the rain, people weren't coming. I had total imposter syndrome. 'How much is this costing me? What am I doing here? Look at all these amazing people, how embarrassing nobody's turned up'."

He continued: "But you know what, you're on the path and it's just the start. Tomorrow will be better, next week will be better and next year will be even better than that so just enjoy yourself if you can."

Georgie retweeted the video and thanked him for the words of encouragement, writing: "Thank you so much @JasonnManford and everyone for your kind words of support!"

He even posted the details of her Sunset show onto his page for his 460,000 followers to see.

Jason wasn't the only star who rushed to support her as Dara commented: "We’ve ALL done it. Soon, you’ll dine out on this anecdote. More than once I had to buy my audience a drink, as a thank-you for being the only ones there.

"Best thing though, it’s all stage time, and the show will get better every single time, ready for the big crowds later!"

"Best of luck with the rest of the run!" he wrote after she thanked him for the kind words.