Ross Kemp shared that he was planning on filming a TV show onboard an OceanGate submersible.

The show was going to explore the Titanic wreckage site and was called off over safety fears from production.

Kemp, a former EastEnders star who played Grant Mitchell has planned to visit the Titanic site last year.

However, TV company Atlantic Productions decided that the OceanGate sub, Titan was not “fit for purpose” according to the BBC.

Ross Kemp planned to film on OceanGate Titanic sub

This week saw a mass search operation for OceanGates Titan sub before it was deemed to have imploded, killing all five passengers.

According to The Sun, Kemp wanted to explore the Titanic site to mark the 110th anniversary of its sinking.

Kemp’s agent from InterTalent, Professor Jonathan Shalit, shared that the production company did carry out checks on the OceanGate sub but said it was unsafe.

Telling the BBC: “They found other sub dives which have been safe and successful but, by that point, Ross was so busy with all his TV shows that he was unable to commit the time.

“I am just relieved not to have had my post note in history as the agent who killed Ross Kemp."

The US Coast Guard confirmed that the five passengers aboard the OceanGate sub were killed instantly following a “catastrophic implosion”.