Good Morning Britain viewers have labelled comments from two guests on the programme "biased" and "sickening" concerning Prince Harry's upcoming phone hacking trial.

The Duke of Sussex is set to give evidence in a court case against Mirror Group Newspapers linked to voicemail interception, securing information through deception and hiring private investigators for unlawful activities.

On Good Morning Britain today (Monday, June 5), the Royal biographer Angela Levin and the former BBC journalist Tom Bower were brought in as guests to discuss this aspect of the news.

The pair were quite critical of Prince Harry's involvement in the case, with Levin saying he wouldn't have "the experience" to deal with all the questions from lawyers and described him as a "moaning, groaning individual".

Viewers of the ITV morning programme were overall not best pleased with the comments from the pair.

How did ITV viewers respond to Angela Levin and Tom Bower

Plenty of viewers took to Twitter to express their displeasure at the comments concerning Prince Harry, with one writing: "I really try not to be horrible about people but these two really tested me. Jealousy and spite from people old enough to know better. Sickening stuff."

Another put: "So much for "balance". These 2 were just so biased it was embarrassing"

The issue of not having someone on Prince Harry's side on the programme was brought up by many, with one saying: "Two Harry and Meghan haters on the panel, GB News levels of balance from GMB."

Meanwhile, another posted: "What is the point in having two guests with exactly the same opinion?"

Another person added: "So you wheel out Angela Levin and Tom Bower - both of whom clearly hate Harry & Meghan...and Levin pretending to be concerned for his 'mental health' give me a break..."

What is Prince Harry's phone-hacking trial all about?

The Duke of Sussex is one of a number of high-profile figures bringing damages claims against the publisher of the Daily Mirror, the Sunday Mirror and Sunday People.

His case, alongside those of former Coronation Street actress Nikki Sanderson, comedian Paul Whitehouse’s ex-wife Fiona Wightman and actor Michael Turner are being considered as “test cases” at a trial being heard over six to seven weeks.

MGN is contesting the claims over allegations its journalists were linked to voicemail interception, securing information through deception and hiring private investigators for unlawful activities.

The publisher says board members have denied knowledge of such activities and claims there is “no evidence, or no sufficient evidence, of voicemail interception” in any of the four claims chosen as “representative” cases.

Harry is due to enter the witness box this week as the trial focuses on his individual case.