James and Ola Jordan have revealed that they are having a baby girl.

The couple, who got pregnant after IVF, discovered the sex of their unborn child in a video for Hello! magazine.

It shows the former Strictly stars unwrapping a huge present covered in Christmas wrapping paper. As they pull the box open, a pink balloon floats out.

James said: “Because we were quite nervous going through IVF we didn’t want to jinx anything … Now we know it’s a little girl it just feels very real now.

“It’s amazing. It’s brilliant.”

Ola added: “A little girl is the best thing that could happen to James, honestly. He’s not going to let her go.”

James chimed in: “I’m going to be wrapped around her little finger. But she will be locked up until she’s at least 32.”

The couple revealed earlier this year that they were expecting after undergoing IVF.

Before Ola conceived, they had been trying for a baby for almost three years.