Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed that Scotland will not move to level 0 on June 28, meaning the rules on weddings will not change as planned. 

Under the original plan, the number of guests allowed at weddings and funerals was due to increase to 200 under the level 0 restrictions. 

However, the next easing of restrictions will now not take place until mid-July at the earliest, meaning the current restrictions on weddings will stay in place. 

So what are these restrictions, and can weddings go ahead? 

Will any rules on weddings change from next week?

The First Minister confirmed some minor changes to weddings and funerals in her update on the easing of Covid-19 restrictions on Tuesday. 

From June 28, the number of people attending a wedding will no longer include the person conducting the ceremony or people working at the wedding. 

This means the number of guests permitted could increase very slightly. 

Live entertainment will be allowed but guests must remain seated, and the people accompanying the couple down the aisle are no longer required to wear face masks. 

How many guests can attend weddings in Scotland?

The number of guests depends on the level of restrictions in the area. 

In level 2 and level 3 areas, including Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee, up to 50 people can attend provided that the venue is big enough to permit social distancing. 

In level 1 areas, such as Aberdeen and the Borders, up to 100 people can attend as long as the venue is suitable for social distancing. 

Dancing is not permitted apart from the couple's first dance and a dance between the couple's parents as long as they are from the same household. 

Face coverings must also be worn by all guests apart from when eating and drinking. 

Here's what you can do in each level: