Who doesn't love a packet of crisps? Whether in a crisp sandwich, as a side in a supermarket meal deal or just a little snack in your lunchbox at school or work. It is the ultimate anytime snack.

But with so many brands doing crisps these days, including the likes of Walkers, Kettle and Tyrrells it can be hard to choose which ones to go for.

And don't get me started on the different flavours. Marmite for crying out loud, come on! I think things are getting a little out of hand.

When it comes to crisps in the UK, it seems Walkers is arguably the biggest brand. But are they the best?

Most, if not all, supermarkets now have their own brand of crisps in which to compete with Walkers. Plus most of them are cheaper.

So I decided to blow my calorie intake out of the water for one day to taste test and compare Walkers and supermarket crisps to which was the best.

I brought an assorted multi-pack of ready-salted, salt & vinegar and cheese & onion crisps from each supermarket and away I went.

I ate so many crisps for this story it gave me a stomach ache.I ate so many crisps for this story it gave me a stomach ache. (Image: Patrick Glover)

Who has the best crisps?


Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

Price: £2.99 (from Aldi)

What do you expect? Walkers just know how to make crisps.

With so many different variations of crisps - from Wotsits to its Sensations range - they have nailed the art of making this delicious snack. 

Well-balanced flavour and perfect crunch when you take a bite, the near-perfect crisp.

As for price, it was the most expensive option, however, you got an extra flavour - a Prawn Cocktail and an additional pack of each flavour (a total of 12 bags in the multi-pack).

But it's not the best (we're coming to that in a moment).


Rating: 4

Price: 99p

Now when it came to Aldi crisps I went with Snackrite Thick Cut Ridge Variety Crisps.

Now I know this is slightly different from the others being crinkle cut, but it was the cheapest and smallest multi-pack option available at my local Aldi.

Otherwise, I would have had to have brought a 30 pack and I'd be eating Aldi crisps until Christmas.

But the other Aldi multi-packs are Snackrite as well, so sticking with the same brand.

Surprisingly, Aldi's crisps weren't the cheapest.

But like all Aldi products, their crisps did not disappoint. Flavour, tick. Crunch, tick. And great price, tick.

I was quite impressed by the salt and vinegar crisps from Aldi. I'm not usually a huge fan of the flavour as it can be overpowering and bitter but these were anything but.


Rating: 2

Price: 89p

Asda provided the most disappointing crisps of my taste test.

While the supermarket's own brand crisps were the cheapest, that was about all it had going for it. And the price reflected the quality unfortunately. 

Just very plain in my opinion and would steer clear if you are on the hunt for crisps.

Crisps from Asda (far right) were the worst in the taste test.Crisps from Asda (far right) were the worst in the taste test. (Image: Patrick Glover)


Rating: 3

Price: £1.75

Lidl's Snaktastic assorted multi-pack of crisps was the least desirable when it came to looks based on packaging. 

The price was a little dearer than the others, although you did get double the amount of crisps - son considering it works out quite well value-wise.

When it came to the crisps themselves, they were ok. Solid crunch when you bit into them but were slightly lacking in flavour. Not as bad as Asda's but wasn't up with the best in the taste test. 

So I've gone a middle of the road three for Lidl crisps.


Rating: 4

Price: £1

Tesco was arguably the biggest surprise for me on all fronts when it came to their own brand crisps.

Was among one of the cheapest options available (for an assorted multi-pack of 6) at £1 and the taste and texture of the crisps were fantastic.

Was one of the crisps, I could have actually kept eating (if it wasn't for the fact I'd already made my way through nine small packets by that stage).

So another solid option when it comes to crisps.


Rating: 5

Price: £2

M&S has the best crisps in my opinion.M&S has the best crisps in my opinion. (Image: Patrick Glover)

I've saved the best until last. M&S for me were by far the best crisps available.

I made a be-line to these crisps to start my taste test due to the appealing packaging. And from the moment I ate the first crisp, I knew the others just wouldn't be able to live up to these.

Despite being one of the most expensive, I would happily pay the extra money for these.

The flavour was just about perfect - not too overpowering and not too weak, but just right. And they were nice and crunchy as well.

All in all, just about the perfect bag of crisps.


In conclusion

So before I go an lie down and rest my aching stomach after partly devouring 18 small packers of crisps, here is what I've learnt from my little taste test.

Despite Walkers being the crisp kings in the UK, there are supermarket dupes that not only hold their own but are better.

Aldi and Tesco are definitely worth a go if you are looking for a Walkers alternative, but its M&S' crisps that you need to try above all others if you haven't already.