General Election candidate joined by MSP on his campaign trail in Giffnock.

Megan Gallacher, deputy leader of the Scottish Conservatives joined Dr Sandesh Gulhane on his campaign trail last Sunday (June 2).

Meghan was alongside Sandesh as they visited ice cream shop Valentini's before heading to speak to voters.

Sandesh says it was "great" to have Meghan join him on the campaign trail and says he will continue to "work tirelessly" over the coming weeks to ensure that he is fortunate enough to be elected as East Renfrewshire's next MP.

Meghan Gallacher said: "I was delighted to join Sandesh Gulhane in Giffnock on the campaign trail.

"Having worked closely alongside Sandesh since we were both elected to the Scottish Parliament at the same time, I know he will be a dedicated constituency MP who will be fully focused on people's real priorities.

"It is clear voters in East Renfrewshire know that this seat is a straight fight between Sandesh and the SNP.

"If voters unite around the Scottish Conservatives, and vote for Sandesh on July 4th, then they can beat the SNP and ensure their MP will be fully focused on their priorities, rather than a SNP MP only obsessed with independence."