A Neilston resident has hit out at reckless fly-tippers who dumped a mattress, boards and crates on a country road last week.

Sharon Gibson described the culprits as “the lowest of the low” with a complete lack of respect for the area or the safety of others.

Barrhead News:

She said: “I feel whoever did that knows this area well and Fereneze Road was carefully selected.

“They more than likely had a van, as vans are not permitted to enter a local dump.

“It’s a lack of safety for others walking and driving this road and a sheer lack of respect for the area and for themselves actually.

“I’m just thankful it wasn’t dark outside. This road is not lit in the dark and the road is used often.”

Barrhead News:

Sharon said the council started resurfacing the road on Monday so the items were removed, but prior to this, they lay there for a week.

She said it is normally fast food rubbish that is left strewn where the fly-tipping occurred but further up the road, it happens more often.

“The council were contacted and didn’t bother doing anything about it or removing the items from the road,” she added.

“I had to stop my car and move that stuff to the side of the road to make it safer including a mattress, boards and crates.

“No names or addresses on the boxes which were dumped too. Very calculated.”

An East Renfrewshire Council spokesperson said: “Fly tipping is a blight on our community and we’d encourage residents to report any incidents via our website or by calling our free, confidential ring and report hotline on 0800 013 0076. 

"Unfortunately, there have been a number of instances of fly-tipping along Fereneze Road over the past week.

"Staff were out earlier this week to begin collecting it and it will all be cleared by the end of today (Friday).”