A MAN kept tabs and was abusive to his police officer partner.

Michael McCandlish, targeted the woman, who he was in an on-off relationship with, between October 2021 and July 2022.

The 39-year-old, from Eastwood, called her names and behaved in a "manipulative and controlling" manner towards her.

McCandlish - who runs a valet firm - also repeatedly contacted her by text and turned up at her home after she blocked him.

On one occasion, he entered the woman's bedroom and "joked" about underwear he found in a bag she took to Police Scotland's training college.

He asked the woman if she was having "fun" at the Tulliallan base.

McCandlish was found guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to engaging in a course of conduct which was abusive of his partner or ex-partner.

The charge states McCandlish repeatedly entered her home uninvited, repeatedly drove past her home address and repeatedly contacted her by text message.

Court papers go on to say that he sent messages insinuating he was watching her, questioned her about her clothing and threatened to make allegations about her to Police Scotland.

The court heard that the woman began her police training at Tulliallan which took place five days a week.

Jurors were told that the pair split up around 20 times during the relationship.

McCandlish called her names such as "psycho bitch" and accused her of infidelity.

Court papers further state McCandlish also behaved in a "controlling and manipulative manner" and monitored her movements.

McCandlish and another man forced open a door at a hotel where she was staying in October 2021.

The hearing was told on a later occasion that the pair had sex which the woman regretted stating to him that it "shouldn't have happened."

The woman went on to block McCandlish but he then contacted her the next day.

He claimed that his former partner "wanted to keep the conversation going."

Prosecutor Jessica McGowan said: "She told you she did not want to be friends and can't speak to you."

McCandlish stated that he continued the contact based on "previous comments."

Jurors heard that McCandlish turned up on the middle of the road outside the woman's house during the night.

He agreed with Miss McGowan that it "could have made her feel uncomfortable."

Miss McGowan said: "As a result, the police had to speak to you and you were told not to speak to her and not to go to her address."

McCandlish replied: "I didn't go to her address."

McCandlish's vehicle was also spotted near a premise that the woman was known to frequent.

He told the court that he was in the area as a customer stayed nearby.

Jurors also heard that McCandlish looked through the woman's window.

Later that day, he entered the woman's bedroom and found a bag she used when saying at Tulliallan.

McCandlish discovered a pair of underwear inside the bag, which he claimed had its zip open.

Miss McGowan said: "You told her that she must be having some fun up at Tulliallan?"

McCandlish replied: "I was joking."

Miss McGowan later put to McCandlish that he behaved in a course of conduct that was abusive as he "went to the house uninvited and challenged her about her underwear".

McCandlish replied: "Yes."

Campbell Porter, defending, earlier asked his client if there were squabbles and bickering from both sides which he agreed.

The lawyer also asked if he said things which he regretted and if the woman said things that hurt him.

McCandlish again replied: "Yes" and denied a further suggestion that he assaulted the woman.

It was revealed that McCandlish has a criminal record which does not have analogous previous convictions.

Sentence was deferred pending background reports until next month by Sheriff Paul Reid.

McCandlish had his bail continued meantime.