A gym instructor is set to compete in the European Karate Championship in Croatia this week.

Dylan Rush, 25, started karate when he was six and began competing when he was 10, becoming the Scottish national karate champion a staggering 10 times. 

His love for the sport now takes him globally as a member of the Shitokai Scotland Karate team working with chief instructor Terry Connell.

The championship in Croatia will take place on May 9 and Mr Rush will participate in another major tournament in Austria later this year.

Barrhead News: Dylan Rush competing in Series A in Turkey 2023

Mr Rush said: "I started karate at a very young age and am now working towards my goal of breaking through to the top 100.

"I love the problem-solving aspect of karate - you get to learn more about yourself, how best to combat and rise above a situation, and how you can control your emotions when you're under pressure.

"It still gives me the same buzz that I got when I started out in karate and it's something to focus on.

"I think humans need a drive in something to get out of bed and do something they enjoy."

Barrhead News: His love for the sport now takes him globally as a member of the Shitokai Scotland Karate team,

Mr Rush, who said helping people improve aspects of their lives through fitness is what he enjoys the most, has been using the East Renfrewshire Culture and Leisure's new functional gym The Grid at Barrhead Foundry as part of his training preparation.

He added: "I need to do a lot of strength and conditioning as part of my training, so it involves a lot of gym work.

"I've been using The Grid since it opened last month as part of my training routine for the European championships."

His training routine involves activation exercises, plyometric training, resistance and strength training.

He also offers GridRox and GridBox classes for customers at The Grid.