A Barrhead football club has revealed the secret to creating superstars after showcasing a number of past and present players.

Barrhead Youth Football Club, which was formed in 1973 and was formerly known as Barrhead Boys Club, have helped produce a conveyor belt of players who have gone on to play at a professional level in Scotland.

In total, the club have showcased 14 players in a post on social media who have played or are still actively playing in the professional game.

Former Barrhead Youth players included Rangers nine-in-a-row midfielder Derek McInnes as well as current St Mirren captain Mark O'Hara.

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Paul Brogan, a committee member at the youth club, said that they always try and get the best out of the young players by making it an "enjoyable experience".

He also added that the club aim to make it an environment where people can express, as well as, find themselves.

He said: "What we are really keen on doing is giving the young players something aspirational.

"We don't only give them the best platform that they can go and perform and express themselves but something that they go 'wow, he played for Barrhead'.

"The posts on Facebook were done to inspire our younger players and get them to see that anyone can make it.

"It was also a message to say that you are playing on the exact same grass that these players played on."

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Another ex-player who played a huge part in Scottish football includes former Scotland, Rangers, Motherwell and Hibernian manager Alex McLeish - who also recently received an OBE for his services to charity.

The likes of David Winnie, Ricky Gillies and Barry Smith all dawned the Barrhead Youth colours before moving on to teams such as St Mirren, Celtic and Dundee.

Peter Weir, who was part of Abderdeen's European Cup-winning team and is in Pittordrie's Hall of Fame also played in the team during the early 70s.

However, it is not only the old guard who have been an inspiration to the players with recent examples of Barrhead legends being Barry McKay at Hearts, Leon King at Rangers and Mackenzie Carse who is now with Celtic.

Paul went on to say: "It blew me away looking into our history and seeing the players who once played for the club.

"The initial teams away back in the 70s had players like Alex McLeish and Aberdeen's hall of fame Peter Weir who were both Barrhead High School students."

Barrhead News:

He went on to add: "You are like 'wow' looking back at these players who have been there and done it and to know that we helped give them a platform.

"And we always try and make sure that when players come to us they enjoy football first and foremost.

"Knowing that our players are having fun, wanting to come along and making memories at a young age, that is what we are all about.

"We will continue to provide a safe, nurturing environment for the players. Ensuring they enjoy their grassroots journey and have fun.

"A true community club, a true family club."