A new campaign has been launched to seek volunteers and participants for a successful project which provides one-to-one support for individuals living with dementia.

East Renfrewshire Carers Centre (ERCC) have been running Dementia Walking Buddies (DWB) since last year and the project allows those with the condition to go on a health and wellbeing walk on a weekly basis.

The project not only benefits the person living with dementia, but also gives his or her carer some time for themselves.

Barrhead News:

With the weather now improving and people being more able to get out and enjoy walking, ERCC’s volunteer coordinator Farah Maiza is hoping to get more people involved.

Farah Maiza told the Barrhead news: “Many people living with dementia have difficulty negotiating walks and could benefit from some company and support.

“DWB will offer the participants a range of benefits, including improved confidence and communication skills, plus increased mobility and fitness.

“In addition, participants will feel they have something to contribute to their community by sharing knowledge through conversation.”

Barrhead News:

Those taking part benefit from a visit once a week by a trained and friendly volunteer who will then accompany them on a walk and return them back home safely.

“We carefully match the participant with a volunteer based on shared hobbies and interests,” added Farah.

To be eligible, the participant and his or her carer must live under the same roof within East Renfrewshire.

The participant also needs to have good mobility.

Volunteers are not paid and therefore they cannot provide any form of personal care or help with medication, do household tasks such as cleaning, tidying or meal preparation, or help with mail/finance or completing forms.

The service is free of charge.

If you think a Dementia Walking Buddy might be for you or someone you know contact Farah farah@eastrenfrewshirecarers.co.uk or call 07467070169.