East Renfrewshire Council has announced plans to resurface almost 60 roads and pavements across the area in the next 12 months.

The local authority has drawn up proposals for a major roadworks programme which it says will use an additional investment of £3.5million over the next financial year to improve the condition of local residential roads.

Last year, the council committed a further £17.5m of capital investment for roads infrastructure over the next five years, an increase to £3.5m per year, starting in 2024-25.

The paper which will go to councillors for approval next week includes details of the 51 roads and eight pavements which will be resurfaced in the coming year.

The projects cover all five ward areas across the authority, with improvements set to begin next month.

According to the local authority, a total of 172 roads and 57 pavements were improved in the first five years of extra money being spent on resurfacing.

The projects planned for next year will see the figures for resurfacing rise to 223 roads and 65 pavements, it said.

As well as this additional capital funding, more than £1m of general capital funding for roads resurfacing is also available and will be spent on all classes of roads in East Renfrewshire.

Once approved, some of the roads and pavements in the additional capital resurfacing works programme will include:

Broom Crescent and Dalmeny Drive in Barrhead,                                                  Double Hedges Road and Glen Tarbert Drive in Neilston,                                  Melford Avenue and Denholm Drive in Giffnock,                                                        Field Grove and Glenville Terrace in Busby,                                                                  Lomondside Avenue and Moraine Drive in Clarkston,                                          Borland Crescent and Kirkton Drive in Eaglesham,                                                  Floors Road in Waterfoot and Hill Avenue and Knowes Avenue in Newton Mearns.

A full list is outlined below.

The council also explained that as with previous years, the prioritisation of the resurfacing projects is based on a range of factors including the structural condition of the road or pavement, its usage, cost of maintenance for the previous three years, number of complaints received and geographical spread.

Full list of proposed resurfacing works for 2024-25:

Road resurfacing

Broom Crescent, Barrhead

Carlibar Road (A736 to Commercial Road), Barrhead

Centre Way, Barrhead

Cuillin Way, Barrhead

Dalmeny Drive, Barrhead

Fereneze Road Rural (Waterworks to Gateside Road), Neilston

Fingleton Avenue, Barrhead

Kerr Street, Barrhead

North Park Avenue, Barrhead

South Park Avenue, Barrhead

Capelrig Road (at schools), Newton Mearns

Double Hedges Road (part), Neilston

Glen Tarbert Drive, Neilston

Malletsheugh Road Rural, Newton Mearns

Springfield Road (No.12 to National Speed Limit Sign), Neilston

Tormeadow Road, Newton Mearns

Braidholm Road (Braidbar Farm Road to Merrycrest Avenue), Giffnock

Denholm Drive, Giffnock

Lawrence Avenue, Giffnock

Lynton Avenue, Giffnock

Melford Avenue, Giffnock

Bankholm Place, Busby

Corrie Grove, Netherlee

Dorian Drive (Seres Road to Struma Drive), Clarkston

Field Grove, Busby

Flenders Avenue (Beechlands Drive to Hillend Crescent), Clarkston

Glendoune Road, Clarkston

Glenville Terrace, Busby

Hillview Drive (Busby Road to Mayfield Avenue), Clarkston

Lomondside Avenue, Clarkston

Mayfield Avenue, Clarkston

Moraine Drive, Clarkston

Morven Drive (Seres Road to Vardar Avenue), Clarkston

Oliphant Crescent, Clarkston

Strathearn Road, Clarkston

The Paddock, Busby

The Quadrant, Clarkston

Beech Avenue (Beech Crescent to Eaglesham Road), Newton Mearns

Bonnyton Drive (Nos.329 to 375), Eaglesham

Borland Crescent, Eaglesham

Castleton Drive (Broomfield Avenue to Castlemount Avenue), Newton Mearns

Floors Road (part), Waterfoot

Hill Avenue, Newton Mearns

Humbie Road (Deil’s Wood Rbt to National Speed Limit Sign), Eaglesham

Kirkton Drive, Eaglesham

Knowes Road (part), Newton Mearns

Knowes Avenue, Newton Mearns

Pollock Avenue, Eaglesham

Pollock Road, Newton Mearns

William Mann Drive, Newton Mearns

Woodland Crescent, Eaglesham


Pavement resurfacing

Lawrence Avenue, Giffnock

Treemain Road, Giffnock

Glendoune Road, Clarkston

Lomondside Avenue, Clarkston

Morven Drive (Seres Road to Vardar Avenue), Clarkston

Ormonde Avenue (Deanwood Road to Parklands Road), Netherlee

Sunnyside Drive (Golf Road to Morven Drive), Clarkston

The Quadrant, Clarkston