We asked readers if they had “ever seen a ghost in Barrhead” and were left particularly astounded by one response shared by a reader. 

Charlene McLean, 40, replied to our question with a picture of her cousin Abbie Rush which shows a ghostly figure hovering in the background.

The amazing photo of the "unknown guest, who also came dressed for the occasion", was taken in the town at her wedding to husband William.

Barrhead News: The photo with the ghostly figure, left, was taken at St John's church hallThe photo with the ghostly figure, left, was taken at St John's church hall (Image: Supplied/Google Maps)

The Barrhead resident said: "This picture of my cousin was taken at my wedding in St John's church hall in 2005.

“We were completely shocked when we had the pictures developed.”

The family believe the figure is Charlene's late grandmother who passed away in 1999.

“My nana was a bridesmaid in her younger years and we have a picture of her wearing a very similar dress to what you can see on the ghostly figure,” she added.

As well as Charlene’s intriguing snap, others also took time to share other local brushes with the supernatural.

One resident said: “The Asda is haunted. Go and ask any of the long time employees if they have seen any unexplainable things happen.

“The most common is products getting launched off the shelves.

“I suppose that's what happens when you build on top of an old graveyard.”

Another added: “I was about 14 walking along Parkhouse Road and passed the old Montford House site and saw an old man at window he was just staring.

"Didn’t think anything of it.

“Next day when I was walking home from my friends the ‘windows’ were bricked up and had been for years.”

A third resident said: “One night me and someone drove past the pub at the cemetery at St Conval’s and this dark shadow walked across road right in front of car then vanished.

“Person who was driving hit breaks so straight away I said what was that.

"I knew he had seen it as well or I wouldn't have said anything.

“It was so strange. (It) was like it walked out that old pub.”

Another who commented on our post spoke about “Tipsy Tapsy” who "haunted the old Carlibar annexe" - a name which will be familiar to many who grew up in the area.

Indeed, the comment prompted a reply that “the same one haunted Auchenback primary too.”