TWO future stars have released their first single after signing a record deal last year.

Archie Paterson, 20, from Newton Mearns, decided to form a duo, now called The Problematix, with his friend Harry Donaldson, 18, in January 2022 after they instantly clicked during their time with a previous band.

We previously reported that the young lads then had a whirlwind few months as their pop covers and dance moves became an instant hit on social media and caught the attention of label True Pop.

In April 2022, the youngsters were flown to Sweden to meet Grammy Award-nominated songwriter Jörgen Elofsson and manager Tim Byrne, who is credited with playing a key role in the launch of best-selling boyband One Direction.

Barrhead News:

Now, the duo has released their new single "Boostin", which officially came out on Friday, October 27.

Following its release, Archie said they are “absolutely buzzing” about it.

He said: “We’re absolutely buzzing and love all the feedback we’ve got from it so far.”

Harry added: “There was a lot of work behind the scenes and stuff that people will never see including countless Sweden trips and Los Angeles but it’s nice to have it pay off and show people what we’ve really been working for.”

The pair revealed that in their new tune, they have tried to interpret a “wee bit of the Scottish language” into it to stick to their roots.

As part of their music careers, the two lads have travelled to places including Europe and America.

Leading up to their single release, Harry said it’s been “pretty crazy”.

The youngster from Fife said: “It’s still not really set in yet with all the things we’re doing.

“We’ve been everywhere – eight times to Sweden and once to LA. We’ve been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work and working with people we never even thought we’d work with.”

Archie added: “That’s the main thing for me – the people we’ve been meeting and working with, it’s just crazy.

“For two wee Scottish guys to be working with these massive industry names, content creators, it’s just crazy.”

We previously reported the Scots lads have been working on their first album with Jörgen, who has penned hits for big stars such as Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson.

Hinting at an album release date, Archie revealed they have got a bank of songs at the ready.

He said: “We’ve got a bank of songs ready, but we are still constantly working on new songs.

“However, an album can be expected hopefully by next summer.”

Meanwhile, Harry described the album as a “pay-off” for the pair.

He said: “It’s the pay-off for us both.

“It doesn’t feel real – it’s not set in yet but I’m sure when it comes around it's going to be go, go, go. It’s going to be mental."

Currently alongside the music both Archie and Harry are working jobs, however, they said fans can expect more videos, music, and concerts soon.

Archie added: “Hopefully by either the end of this year or the start of next we will be setting out for concerts, so, it should be more of an exciting time as well because we love performing – absolutely love it.”

To watch their new song, click HERE.