An East Renfrewshire schoolboy has proven himself to be a maths whizz after being crowned as a winner of a prestigious contest.

Aaron Nanda was successful in the Level 10/7A category at the National Maths Olympiad competition, run by The British Youth International College (BYITC).

The parents of the 10-year-old Mearns Primary pupil told The Barrhead News: "This moment is undeniably one of immense pride for us."

First launched in February 2022, the most recent National Maths Olympiad in October coincided with National Maths Week Scotland and marked the third iteration of the innovative competition organised exclusively for BYITC Supermaths students across the world.

The first-of-its-kind challenge is based on the school's pioneering Abacus Maths instruction. There were 50 questions in total and results were based on accuracy and time. 

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The questions were set keeping in mind the complexities and advanced levels of each category. Students used concepts like finger, Abacus, and Mental theory. 

The top performers across each of 10 levels of BYITC Supermaths training were awarded certificates and prizes for their impressive arithmetic skills.

Dr Rashmi Mantri, founder of BYITC, said: "The National Abacus Maths Challenge continues to be a success and the students love to compete in it each year. It was created to identify, assess and celebrate students who show extraordinary Abacus Maths skills.

"Everyone, and especially children, learns best when their imagination, as well as their logical thinking skills are fully engaged on a problem or challenge. Add to that a fun element of competition and you begin to see youngsters making great progress in their performances.

"A principal aim of BYITC is to uncover the huge asset of untutored talent and ability which we know exists in every community and to channel it towards extraordinary performance in numeracy. As such, the BYITC Abacus Maths Challenge is a real game changer."